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Real estate leases

For many companies, acquiring real estate is a complicated and financially and legally challenging process.
The Real Estate Lease, a product developed by OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing, is designed to make the real estate acquisition process convenient and simple for the customers.

Advantages of leasing real estate

  • no need to divert your own or borrowed resources to acquire real estate;
  • higher efficiency managing the companys tax flows by accrediting the entire lease payment amount to costs and using accelerated depreciation with a ratio of up to 3;
  • credit for VAT paid as part of lease payments;
  • any real estate item owned by a leasing company and held and used temporarily by a lessee is protected from the companys creditors (this is an advantage of separating the property and operational components of commercial risk);
  • when showing the real estate item on the lessees balance sheet, it does not weigh on the balance sheet, which provides additional borrowing opportunities;
  • The residual value, as well as the lease payments, are calculated at the time of executing the lease agreement and are not affected by further instability in real estate prices and lease rates.

Advantages of leasing real estate from OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing

  • personalised approach to each lease based on the customers business specifics;
  • turnkey project structuring, i.e. acquisition of both real estate and equipment;
  • possibility of executing a leasing agreement with a term of up to 10 years;
  • special insurance rates

Basic conditions

Lease asset real estate properties not encumbered for usage and registered with the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation (FRS RF), including those sold at tenders held by FA Rosimuschestvo when privatizing government property
Land the land lot must be documented as owned or leased
Advance payment 030%
Term of lease up to 10 years
Funding currency RUR, EUR, USD
Interest rates fixed, floating, based on LIBOR and MOSPRIME

To get a pre-estimate on possible funding for your project, please contact us at +7 (495) 721-2087 in Moscow or your region of interest or email us.