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Raiffeisen-Leasing — Multiplying Opportunities

OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing is a universal leasing company providing a comprehensive range of leasing services in any area of a client’s business.

In its relationships with clients, OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing focuses on a personalised approach with an objective financial approval process, fast decision-making, and flexible and transparent payment schedules (!no hidden commissions), all of which allow the client to save time and considerable financial resources. The company also has a solid experience in import contract formation with foreign vendors. The unique expertise in supporting foreign-trade deals helps our clients to purchase fixed assets abroad upon favorable terms.

When funding is approved, a 3-month limit is established. During this time, the client may draw down using one or several contracts, depending on investment plans and needs. We respect the client’s decision and for this reason, no penalties are applied in case of failure to draw down or incomplete drawdown of the limit.

OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing offers a package solution for various types of holding and group member companies. Therefore, by using OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing our clients acquire a reliable financial partner that will support them at every stage of their business. A trust-based and reliable partnership can boost performance and help clients achieve their goals more quickly.

See the pdf version of the company's leaflet (available in Russian).

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